HEALTHYMITY has first investor on board NGI – Europe’s most powerful network of Internet leaders. HEALTHYMITY will be hosted in Silicon Valley, California.

Healthymity was chosen to be in a program NGI Explorer and hosted by Santa Clara University. SCU blends high-tech innovation with a social consciousness. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SCU pursues new technology, encourage creativity, engage with our communities, and share an entrepreneurial mindset. Healthymity will be supported by IoT and AI team to boost the TRL readiness and HEALTHYMITY will get immersed in a 3 month deep dive into the United States to accelerate their projects and cultivate an American mindset. This will be a unique opportunity to strengthen and articulate their ideas while building traction among a whole new network of partners and customers.

Healthymity will be hosted by Santa Clara University in Bay Area, integrating the Explorers in their teams and supporting them in their endeavors. SCU will support Healthymity in patenting and networking with local corporations on joint actions in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Federated Learning.

The program brings the opportunity for Healthymity to connect with an unrivaled environment of excellence. A flourishing community of Explorers with multiple backgrounds and the potential to become drivers of change for the Next Generation of Internet. The opportunity to create synergies with other like-minded participants of the program to share experiences, collaborate and even create new partnerships.

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